Favorites for the Fourth!

To celebrate the Fourth of July properly you need a few essential things; friends, family, fireworks, food and, of course, the right décor. We can’t quite help on the firework front but here are our “Favorites for the Fourth!”, a few fun ideas for food and décor.

Be sure to add some spark to your Fourth of July festivities with this Firecracker Popcorn. It’s got just the right amount of sweet, salty and fizz it’ll have you coming back for more. A fun and easy snack for everyone to enjoy this holiday.

Favorites for the Fourth!

Favorites for the Fourth!

Patriotic Pops anyone? And no, not just any pops, but Oreo Pops.  These treats are incredibly easy to make, so easy that your kids can even help out. Perfect for any Fourth of July gathering.

4thofJuly Oreo Pops

A heavenly mixed berry trifle made with summer fresh blueberries, strawberries, white chocolate pudding, angel food cake and cream. A beautiful guiltless dessert that would make your July 4th table proud.

4thofJuly Truffle

You simply can’t have enough red white and blue desserts when it comes to the Fourth. This Firecracker Bundt cake is not just fun but easy to make, plus it’ll have all your guests wondering just how you did it.

4thofJuly Bundt Cake

Welcome your guests with the unique Fourth of July wreath. It’s a festive, easy, inexpensive and fun craft to get you ready for the festivities!

4thofJuly Wreath

Light the way to your party with this simple DIY project.  Super cute yet super easy.

4thofJuly Candle Holders

The Fourth of July is traditionally a time for family and friend get-togethers. Entertain in style with these fun and easy Mason Jar utensil holders.

4thofJuly Utensil Holder

Now it’s time for the fun stuff, drinks. We are big fans of sangria, especially in the summer. Plus the fruit makes the drink seem so festive. Here is a beautiful option full of strawberries, blueberries and pineapple – perfect for The Fourth of July!.

4thofJuly Sangria

This Fourth of July don’t just offer your guests water, offer them water with a festive twist. Freeze blueberries, blackberries and strawberries or raspberries with water in an ice cube tray. Cute and tasty Fourth of July drinks for everyone. Also great with Seven-Up or Sprite.

4thofJuly Ice

And of course your Papa Ben’s Kitchen Mandelbroyt is a must this Fourth of July. We recommend our Lemon Blueberry with Poppyseed for the occasion as it’s loaded with blueberries which are not just perfect for the the Fourth but also for July which is National Blueberry Month.  Thank you for reading about our Favorites for the Fourth!

Lemon Box w: cup


Happy Father’s Day Dad’s

With Father’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d take a minute and wish all you Dad’s out there a wonderful day and year! And to our very own Papa Ben, we thank you for all you have done for your wife, children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. We could not be more thankful! and We love you very much!

familyLooking for some fun ideas for the dads in your life? Look no further! Show your special dad just how much he means this Father’s Day with these great gift ideas. We’ve got something for everyone.

Happy Father’s Day Dad’s

Fathers Day Shoe Shine

 This all-in-one shoe shine kit is the perfect gift for the dapper dad in your life!

Fathers Day DrillWe all know how much men love their tools. So this year get him the right tool for any job with this home-improvement workhorse. The modular cordless drill morphs into a saw, a sander and even more just by swapping the appropriate attachment. What’s even better is it can be found directly on Amazon 

Fathers Day Gold Enthusiast

If the man in your life is a golf enthusiast, this is the perfect gift for him! Transport him to the lush landscapes of the Emerald Isle with this gorgeous volume fore! golf enthusiasts. Limited edition. This book will transport him to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, and he will sure to be forever thankful.

Fathers Day Oxford WatchDoes the dad in your life know how to pull it together? Well here is a great gift to add to his already dapper wardrobe. Preppy meets sporty in this handsome time-piece with it’s sleek minimal and elegant design.

Fathers Day ship KiteHands down this is the coolest kite we have ever seen! And yes, this handmade kite really does fly! It comes in a sturdy kraft envelope with easy-to-assemble instructions and kite twine. Dad and the kids will be sure to get some fun out of this gift!

Fathers Day Golf ShoesIs your Dad in search of a sharp new look for the links? This Father’s Day gift of spiffy golf shoes, not only have strong grip cleats. but also a waterproof warranty!

Fathers Day Tie CAseIf your dad is a frequent traveler, he will truly appreciate this upscale tie-case. Made of Italian Titan Brown leather this zip-around case holds up to four ties, wrinkle-free!

Fathers Day BagA snappy tote of leather and cotton canvas is a perfect carry-all Father’s Day gift. It is great to hold files for work or even hammers, bolts, screws and more for home-improvement work.

Fathers Day Accordian LanternFor the outdoor adventurer dad this is a must-have accordion lantern that collapses into a flashlight. Illuminate your campsite or even your backyard with two brightness settings. Charge the lantern by hand crank or via USB cable. Includes the USB cable and a handle for hanging!

Fathers Day Swim ShortsGet dad to throw out those frayed and faded trunks this year by replacing them with this irresistible pair! Beachside, poolside or barside these Bonobos are the obvious solution and a great gift for Father’s Day.

Fathers Day GrillerSummer is here and we all know a Dad who has been glued to the BBQ since Memorial Day Weekend. Go ahead, splurge . . . get that grill master this savory Father’s Day gift of eleven marinades, rubs and more in a hip and functional tote!

Fathers DAy PJsYou can’t go wrong with this comfy classic cotton slim pajama set from JCrew, perfect for every Dad to lounge in on this Father’s Day.


And don’t think we forgot our very own Papa Ben’s Kitchen Mandelbroyt. In addition to what you get Dad this year make sure to stash his pantry and belly with some of our delicious cookies! At only 80 calories each, he’s bound to keep his boyish figurel!

Six Perfect Summer Salads

Now that Memorial Weekend has come and gone it’s time to start thinking about summer. We eat salad all summer long and wanted to share our six favorite summer salads with you. These fresh summer salad recipes are anything but ordinary! They are perfect for summer picnics, barbecues, pool parties and just every day light eating. 

Six Perfect Summer Salads

Six Perfect Summer SaladsSquash is bountiful this time of year. This Zephyr Squash Summer Salad is not only light and crunchy but its layered with flavor! 

Summer Salad HeirloomThis Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Salad is a favorite of ours. It’s the taste of summer on a plate and so easy to prepare. The crumbled feta gives this salad its saltiness which is heaven with the sweet flavors of melon and tomato. It makes a wonderful starter or even a perfect way to top a grilled dish.

Summer Salad Strawberry-WatermelonSaladThis watermelon and strawberry salad is a simple combination of fresh fruit mixed in with a little bit of lemon juice, sugar and water. This is a great way to jazz up a traditional fruit salad, but you can also toss the fruit in a citrus-infused balsamic vinegar for a tangy contrast with the sweet fruit. 

Summer Salad White Bean

It’s quite amazing how a homemade vinaigrette and fresh herbs can breathe life into a can of cannellini beans.  This White Bean and Mint Salad is refreshing yet filling and great served alongside barbecued meats. Feel free to make this salad ahead of time; it gets better and better the longer it sits.

Summer Salad QuinoaQuinoa is a grain used in many South American dishes. It is high in protein and gluten-free making it perfect for many different kinds of dishes. This Minty Cucumber Quinoa Salad is nutritious, easy to make and packed with flavor.

Enjoy these perfect summer salad recipes

Summer Salad TaboulehThis twist on traditional tabbouleh is the perfect summer dish. Chicken Feta Tabbouleh is delicious when eaten right away, but the flavors in this meal stand up admirably when it’s prepared ahead—making this a good take-to-work lunch, too. Serve with toasted pita wedges or flatbread.

We hope you enjoy these healthy and nutritious six perfect summer salads as much as we do. Happy Summer Salad Eating! Share your favorite summer salads with us! 


Memorial Day Favorites

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of the summer season not just for us but for produce as well. You’ll soon see less citrus, apples and pears at your grocer and farmer’s markets and more summer fruit and vegetables, ones that will be great to use this weekend especially if you are entertaining.

By Memorial Day new potatoes are being dug up all over the US. May and June potatoes are among the sweetest and most flavorful of the year, who knew, with an incredible abundance of red, rose, white, yellow and russet varieties. These potato bites will be a crowd favorite in no time, plus they are just as good right out of the oven or chilled making them great for entertaining over this long weekend.

Memorial Day Potatoe Bites

In late May summer squash production crosses the border from Mexico and into the US. Depending on the weather there can be production overlaps resulting in an overabundant supply and great values.  Shorter supply lines also mean fresher product and we come into a period where both the quality and the price of summer squash improves. A great way to use the abundant summer squash is in this standout pasta salad. Toasted pine nuts and briny kalamata olives make this dish more than memorable and a perfect dish for this Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day Pasta Squash Salad

What’s true of summer squash is doubly true for corn. And once you try this honey-chipotle grilled corn you’ll never go back to plain corn-on-the-cob. Believe it!

Memorial Day Corn on The Cob

Like summer vegetables, melons make the transition to domestic production right around Memorial Day. With this transition, common melons like watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe are in full abundance. Of course a melon dish is in demand for the weekend but don’t stop there, be sure to try this fresh watermelon-lemonade. Crisp and clean, with just the right mix of sweet-to-tart it’s absolutely perfect for cooling.

Memorial Day Watermelon LemonadeBerries are the best fruit value by far this time of year. By late May US production in strawberries and blueberries are in full swing; raspberry production increases significantly going into June; and even blackberry supplies are strong. Plus, the weather conditions are ideal, so they’ll taste spectacular. We tried, but we couldn’t narrow our berry recipe down to just one. So first you have a no-cook Vanilla Yogurt Berry Trifle that is perfectly refreshing and loaded with flavor. Not to mention quite festive for the holiday.

Memorial Day Berry TrifleAnd here you have a crisp Berry Crumble thats easy to follow and even tastier than it looks. Served with a side of vanilla ice cream, its almost perfect. 

Memorial Day Berry CrumbleBy this weekend you will probably see a full complement of stone fruit: peaches, plums, apricots, cherries and nectarines. Look for local availability (particularly in peaches) and choose your fruit carefully. You are accustom to seeing peaches used in dessert, but what about an adult popsicle . . . . didn’t think so. These boozy peach popsicles are perfect for parties and will go over exceptionally well with your friends. 

Enjoy These Great Memorial Day Recipes

Memorial Day Boozy Peach PopsLast yet obviously not least treat your friends to some Papa Ben’s Kitchen Mandelbroyt this Memorial Day Weekend. We recommend our Original Family Recipe for the occasion as it’s loaded with raisins, natural maraschino cherries, pecans, coconut and almonds – all the right flavors for this time of year.

Original RecipeWe are welcoming the longer days here at Papa Ben’s. This time of year means so much for our family, including more time outside, more activities, healthier eating and more refreshing meals. And every day it seems there are new fruits and veggies to try that were mostly absent during the long cold winter and wet spring. Memorial Day is an important holiday to me for many reasons, and one is that it marks a remarkable seasonal change. 

Flower Arrangements 101

Flowers are in full bloom this time of year, and don’t you just wish you had the know-how to make any bunch of spring flowers look elegant?   With the right vase and these little tricks we at Papa Ben’s Kitchen have put together, your inner flower arranger can finally bloom.  Flower Arrangements 101 … class is in session.

Flower Arrangements 101

Flower Arrangements 101

For stiff-stemmed flowers like roses, irises, and mums, a low cube guarantees a graceful grouping. Remove all but the top leaves, which add color while they frame and differentiate blooms. Work in loose layers, weaving stems together to form a mound. Dense arrangements are forgiving: Even if you snip too short, it’s easy to fix the overall shape, because the blooms support one another. Push and pull so that the final product looks natural—slightly imperfect. 

Flowrs How To RosesFill the vase about three-quarters of the way with water. Place a rose in each corner, crisscrossing the stems; the flower heads should protrude about an inch past the edge of the vase. Fill in with more flowers along the edges, weaving a web of stems. For successive layers, cut stems slightly longer and slip them into the webbing. The last roses you add, in the center, should be about a half-inch taller than those on the edges.

Flowers Tulips ArrangementsTulips are our personal favorite flower. If you constrain tulips (or calla lilies or ranunculus) about two-thirds of the way up with a cylinder vase, the natural arc of their soft stems will take care of the arranging. 

Flowers How To TulipsCut all stems the same length, snipping each tip on an angle for better water absorption. Fill the vase less than halfway with water. If the flowers are too floppy on their own, gather about a third of them loosely with a rubber band and place them in the center of the vase, with the unfettered tulips draping over the rim. Change the water every couple of days. And check the flowers, too, because they may need snipping. Tulips absorb water and lengthen, which can change the look of a display.

Flowers BranchesLess is more when it comes to woody stems. Select just three or four sculptural specimens, and use a heavy oblong vase that’s about a third as tall as the branches. Aim for an asymmetrical spray so the branches reach rather than lean.

Flowers How To BranchesClip bottoms. Make an X in the base of each with a pruner; this will help them absorb water. Trim off twigs that will fall below the water line. Fill the vase halfway with water, then add a bag of clear marbles; they’ll give the vase weight and hold the branches exactly where you dig them in, so they won’t lean awkwardly against the side. And stick with an opaque vase, which will hide our little secret inside. To improve the final look, you can snip a stray stem or two, but clip only at the joints, so the tips look natural.

Flowers, don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful, we buy most of our flowers from our local Trader Joe’s. They always have a great selection at an affordable price and we even got some gorgeous yellow tulips last week from Albertsons and they are still looking great. The truth is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or be a professional to make a beautiful arrangement. Play around, have fun, and be creative. The flowers this time of year are so bright and beautiful, that it doesn’t matter how perfect the arrangement looks, as long as you enjoy them. Flowers brighten any mood and room, so pick some up and test your arranging skills today!  Thank you for reading our Flower Arrangements 101 article!

Happy Mother’s Day To All The Wonderful Moms Out There

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! Being a women owned family company, we are very thankful to the two incredible mom’s that own and run Papa Ben’s Kitchen, Jean Lesser and her daughter Gail Lesser-Gerber.

wonderful moms

Need some creative ideas for gifts for your special mom? You’re in luck! We’ve got ideas for breakfast in bed, homemade Sunday brunch, an unexpected flower delivery, and some great you-won’t-find-this-just-anywhere gift picks.

Mothers Day PJ's

A soft pair of cotton pajama pants are just another reason (ahem, other than breakfast in bed) she’ll be staying in bed a bit longer this Sunday morning.

Mothers Day EaringsA pair of earrings that will serve her well this season. These hand cut aqua drops will work well with just about any sundress or a black shift dress. For a bolder option check out the jade drops.

Mothers Day BanglesThese Bhangra Bangles are the perfect vibrant accessory for a woman with a typical silver-or-gold rotation. A great balance of historical opulence and yet modern feminism make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift.

Mothers Day Measuring Cups

This old-fashion style milk jug from Anthropologie is a great Mother’s Day find. It even breaks apart for precise measuring amounts. Both adorable and practical and a great staple for any mother’s kitchen.

Mothers Day Bottle StopperA delicate white flower adds the perfect finishing touch to an unfinished bottle of wine or even an empty vintage bottle.

Mothers Day Engraved Cutting BoardThe perfect gift for Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day come to think of it). Have your favorite family recipe laser engraved on a Bamboo Cutting Board.

Mothers Day Cheese CurlerNeed a great Mother’s Day gift for the mom who loves to throw dinner parties? This amazing cheese curler is fantastic for foodies and cheese fiends alike. Creating a remarkable look for appetizers or the buffet table. Made of solid beech wood with a built in stainless steel revolving curler, your mom will be ready to entertain in style.

Mothers Day CookiesTreat mom to a batch of delectable iced sugar cookies you can even personalize them to make your Mother’s Day extra special with the included edible ink markers. Great idea for a gift that the little ones can get creative with.

Mothers Day Gardening SoapHow about the gift of luxury relaxation this Mother’s Day? After a long hard day in the garden her green thumb will appreciate a restorative lather with this gentle, all-natural soap exclusively from William-Sonoma.

Mothers Day Pressed Pansy CoastersFor those of you looking for a DIY Mother’s Day project check out these Pressed Pansy Coasters. She may not have time for a full remodel but these coasters will ensure her table is fit for entertaining.

originalAnd don’t think we forgot our very own Papa Ben’s Kitchen Mandelbroyt. In addition to what you get Mom this year make sure to stash her pantry with some of our delicious cookies! At only 80 calories each, she’s bound to be thankful!

To each and every wonderful mom out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

15 Festive Tequila Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Tequila! People seem to either love it or hate it. But whatever your feelings might be Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching so it is time to give in to your craving or conquer your fear. And no need to limit yourself to just a classic margarita, there’s a world of tequila cocktails just waiting to be guzzled! From a Bloody Maria to a Strawberry Siracha Margarita there are countless ways to enjoy tequila. Here are fifteen festive recipes ranging from light and refreshing highballs to intense brooding cocktails. Oh and we couldn’t help but include a few truly delicious variations on the good old standard margarita too!

15 festive tequila cocktails

Let us start our nice and easy with this refreshing take on a standard Margarita. This Perfect Margarita from Honestly Yum is the perfect go-to drink for just about any occasion. It doesn’t have to be just Cinco de Mayo for this classic cocktail!

Margarita Bloody MariaFor a savory and tasty Bloody Maria that smells absolutely delicious, check out Its A Beautiful Mess. Something tells us this will kill any hangover and taste great! We can’t wait to try this one at our next brunch!

Margarita JalapenoMixing sweet, spicy and salty is what a great Margarita is all about! Get this Mango Jalapeno Margarita recipe from How Sweet it Is. Try it and we guarantee you’ll be heading back to her site for more.

Margarita ChambordSummer is coming and we can tell by the heatwave we are having in sunny Southern California this week. This drink is sure to cool you to the core! Prepare for unexpected fun with these great tasting Frozen Chambord Margaritas from Food52.

Margarita Blood Orange

Blood Oranges are all the craze lately. From fruit, to candles, to these incredible Blood Orange Margaritas, who can resist this great fruit!

Margarita Strawberry SirachaA spicy sweet cocktail. This is a nice change from the jalapeno cocktails we’ve all seen so often these days. This spicy Siracha with a twist of strawberry is the perfect balance. Get the Strawberry Siracha Margarita recipe from Domestic Fits, you’ll be happy you did.

Margarita Sunrise Punch

Tropical and juicy this Spicy Melon Tequila Sunrise Punch is a healthy combo of punch and cocktail offering both vitamins A&C. Did we say Vitamins and alcohol together?! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered for Cinco de Mayo. Who could ask for more?

Margarita LemonadeA Martha Stewart favorite. This Tequila Thyme Lemonade is infused with just the right herbs, its fabulously fragrant and so refreshing.

Margarita Bulldog

This Cinco de Mayo gem, the Frosty Mexican Bulldog Margarita comes to us from the great town of Austin, Texas! Thank you Austonians!

MojitoNot to knock the rum based classic mojito, but a Tequila Mojito, like this one here, has an oakiness and smokiness to it that adds a depth of flavor you just don’t get with rum.  One of the best things to sip on Cinco de Mayo or any hot summer evening.

Margarita Mango

Beyond perfection. This Mango Margarita with Cilantro is the perfect cocktail to sip on this Cinco de Mayo, or any other day to be frank.

Margarita PalomaHere is a quick and easy Cinco de Mayo drink we got from BS In The Kitchen. The blend of grapefruit, lime, and sugar blended perfectly with the tequila, making for a very refreshing Paloma

Margarita PomegranateThey take a little work but you are sure to impress your Cinco de Mayo guests with these Pomegranate-Lime Margaritas. They are well worth it.

Margarita Watermelon BasilCourtesy of Martha Stewart, this Watermelon-Basil Margarita is a Cinco de Mayo recipe for the books. The watermelon ice cubes will have everyone talking. You can also try mint leaves instead of the basil leaves.

Margarita BarflyThe House Special aka The Barfly is an awesome take on a tequila sunrise, with a great little story behind it from Verses From My Kitchen.


Looking for something other than tacos and tequila to put in your tummy this Cinco de Mayo, try our Lemon Blueberry with Poppy Seed Mandelbroyt. It is refreshing and would pair perfectly with any and all of these delicious cocktails!

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo and remember always drink and party responsibly!

6 Spring Projects for the Kids

Spur your kids creativity this spring with some seasonally inspired do-it-yourself projects. Explore some of our favorite projects below and don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us too!
spring projects for the kidsAdd music to your garden this spring and summer with a DIY wind chime. Here are 20 inspiring wind chime ideas that will have you and your little ones raring to go.

Spring Wreath

One your little tots are bound to love. This Dots wreath is not only festive but the leftovers are delicious!
Spring BouquetLet your kiddos create a buzz this Spring with easy-to-make flower baskets

Spring T'sTurn a plain white shirt into the perfect spring outfit by decorating it with painted potato stamps made from flower-shaped cookie cutters. Here’s how!

Spring EggsThis spring have your little gardeners use eggshells as pots to start seeds and coffee-stirrer tags to foretell what will pop up where. Plant seeds and nestle planters in an egg carton on a sunny windowsill, and don’t forget to water!

Spring Sailboat

Cut decorative paper into a right triangle, with the bottom shorter than the vertical edge. Punch three holes along vertical edge. Weave a drinking straw through the holes. Lodge the end of the straw into a ball of Play-Doh, and affix the sail to the top side of a coffee-can lid.  Enjoy these Spring Projects for the kids and have fun all Spring long!

Passover Favorites!

Passover begins this Monday April 14th at sundown, marking the first of eight days and nights of no leavened bread to commemorate the Jew’s liberation from Egyptian slavery. Many Jews including all of us at Papa Ben’s will start the holiday with a traditional Passover seder. Passover foods are steeped with symbolism, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with them. Here are some inspiring recipes and entertaining ideas for the holiday.

Passover Stuffed Potatoe

Inspired by Middle Eastern fare these stuffed potatoes are bursting with rich flavors not to mention the aroma that will fill your home is to die for. Plus they’re perfect for Passover!

Passover Lasagna

 This unleavened twist on lasagna is a great passover meal. Simply substitute layers of matzo for the pasta, then fill them with a mixture of spinach and ricotta cheese.

Passover SmoresThese Passover S’mores are sure to be a crowd pleaser this year, especially with the kiddos. Oh and be sure to pick up a box of mini matzo crackers, they are just perfect for this sweet treat.

Passover PlateIt’s not to late to run out and pick up this stunning Seder Plate from Pottery Barn. Handcrafted, it was made to mimic the look of a leafy branch – absolutely stunning.

Passover Table Cards

In lieu of place cards, pipe your guests’ names in chocolate on matzos. Genius!

These are just some of the many Passover rituals we participate in each year, please share your Passover traditions and favorite recipes with us!  We hope you enjoyed this article about Passover dessert favorites.

Walk MS 2014 | Papa Ben’s Kitchen

Walk MS 2014

In 2004 Michael Gerber, husband of Papa Ben’s Kitchen President Gail Lesser-Gerber, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This diagnosis did not just effect Michael it effected the entire family. Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling, disease of the central nervous system that interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Millions of people are affected by MS and the challenges of living with its unpredictable symptoms, which range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS.

This weekend, on Sunday April 6th, our family will be participating in one of the most important events of our year; the National MS Walk of Greater Los Angeles. Our team, The JiggyWiggits was formed back in 2007 and today we can proudly say we are one of the largest Friends and Family teams in the country (raising over $200,000 to date). Won’t you walk with us or consider donating to this cause very close to our hearts?

MS Michael and GailWhy do we walk? We walk to PARTICIPATE, MAKE A DIFFERENCE and LIVE A LIFE THAT MATTERS. In the words of Michael Gerber himself “We want to PARTICIPATE in the events that raise money and awareness for this disease. We want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE is the lives of the millions of people that are affected by this disease. And we want to LIVE A LIFE THAT MATTERS by helping to create change in this world.” Within seconds of meeting Michael you will be moved to make a difference. His perseverance, positivity, love and faith radiates. We’d like to welcome you to learn more about this inspiring man at his moving, insightful and quite humorous blog titled “Perspective is Everything”.

MSMandelbroytNow that you see why the Walk MS 2014 is so near and dear to our hearts we ask you to help us spread the word. Share with your friends and join us for the MS WALK 2014 on April 6th at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. If you can’t join us please find a WALK in a city near you or simply make a difference one Mandelbroyt at a time. Just enter code NMSS all year round at checkout and 30% of your proceeds will do directly to the Multiple Sclerosis Society when you buy our cookies from the Papa Ben’s Kitchen website.