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mandel bread

Some of the very best Mandel Bread can be had from Papa Ben's Kitchen. Mandelbroyt, also known as mandel bread, is a form of Jewish bread. Also referred to as twice-baked bread, it is a bit like Italian almond bread, or Biscotti.

Mandel Bread is our pride and joy, with each of our flavors perfected over many years of dedication to baking.

Our Original Family Recipe Mandel Bread has just the perfect quantity of cherries, while our Spicy Chipotle with Ginger & Dark Chocolate has a ginger kick that is a true taste treat! The five flavors of Papa Ben's Mandel Bread all show the pride the Lesser family takes in the baking of our Mandelbread.

When it comes to our five Mandel Bread flavors, we love them all!

Try each one of them. You are going to love our multiple favorites!  Shop our online store.