Papa Bens Kitchen Awning


Introducing Papa Ben's Fundraising

Papa Ben’s Kitchen wants to help make the world a better place...
one Mandelbroyt at a time!
We make it easy for your organization to get your fundraising efforts
off the ground. Just follow the simple steps below and before you know it
you will receive your first Papa Ben's Fundraising Program check!*

  1. 1. Contact us at 888-233-1072 or EMAIL US so we can generate a unique promo code for your organization.

  2. 2. Send the promo code to your community and entice them to visit our website and start shopping Papa Ben's Kitchen with your unique promo code.

    3. At the end of each month we will tally up the orders placed with your unique promo codes and send you a check for 30% of each order!
Call Papa Ben's Kitchen now!

We look forward to working with you and welcome you to…
Indulge in our family tradition!™

Gail Lesser-Gerber
President – Papa Ben’s Kitchen

*The Papa Ben's Mandelbroyt Fundraising Program is intended for use by non-profit organizations. The 30% earned is based on product sales only at full retail cost and do not include tax, shipping and handling fees. Any sale pricing or specials are not included with this program.

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