Papa Bens Kitchen Awning



Papa Ben’s Kitchen President,
Gail Lesser-Gerber brings you a delightful holiday cocktail featuring Papa Ben's Kitchen Chocolate Esspresso Bean Mandelbroyt!
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• 1 Box of Papa Ben's Kitchen Chocolate Espresso Bean Mandelbroyt
• 1 cup Eggnog (either homemade or your favorite brand)
• 1 ounce shot of Kaluha
• I ounce shot of Southern Comfort

For the rim of the glass:
4 Papa Ben's Kitchen Chocolate Espresso Bean Mandelbroyt ground fine in a home blender
• A dipping plate with Kaluha

Crust the glass: 
1. Dip your martini glass or other holiday glasswares edge in the Kaluha.
2. Gently float the edge of the glass into the crumbled mandelbroyt.
3. Continue coating edge of the glass with the Kaluha and mandelbroyt until you have enough for your taste.

Make the cocktial:
1. In a cocktail shaker with a small amount of ice combine eggnog, Kaluha and Southern Comfort.
2. Shake for 10 seconds.
3. Strain just the liquid into your cocktail glass.

For Garnish
1. Garnish with a few espresso beans, crumbled mandlebroyt, and serve with a delicious Papa Ben's Kitchen Chocolate Espresso Bean Mandelbroyt for dipping and such.

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